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Early Bird

We have finished our new record and we have named it “Favourite Place”.
After finishing work on our master mix, Francis Gorini from London Mastering Studios confessed: “I can honestly say, you are one of my favorite bands at the moment. I also really, really like Kristina’s voice.”
We hope that you will think the same!

Stay tuned for the release date.

Photo by Luana Calabro'

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“Runaway” is the first track from upcoming EP album which is planned to be released later on this year. The song and the album is been recorded, mixed and produced by the band.

Video scene is taken from live show in London’s club “Hoxton Club” where they played together with Latvia’s top indie pop act “Instrumenti”.

“Runaway” cover was made by drummer Sandis Volkov. He has created all the band’s latest artworks. Note that ITunes was¬†refusing to accept this track without the artwork modification as there is an HMV barcode to add a feel of a secondhand vinyl cover. The little girl running is band’s guitarist Juris daughter. ¬†“Runaway” is available on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and now on iTunes. You can listen it on Spotify as well.

The new record will be less lo-fi and more guitar based than previous self – released EP “Somewhere Else” which was freeware released last year.

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